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All Learning Matters: How We Can Empower People Through A Comprehensive Recognition of Their Skills

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

Report revealed 6.6 million Americans with “stranded credits” due to unpaid college debts. Institutions held transcripts, preventing credit transfer. Uproar led to debt forgiveness, transcript release, and bans on transcript withholding. However, students still lose 40% of credits when transferring and often pay for transcripts. Learning and Employment Records (LERs) offer solution, providing comprehensive, portable, transparent record of skills and capabilities. LERs enable skills, not degrees, to be talent marketplace currency. Alabama Talent Triad, launched in 2023, uses competency-based approach to fill jobs, developing skills-based LERs for nearly 20,000 residents, verifying 50,000 credentials and 550,000 skills.

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