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Breaking Barriers: The Journey of Black Men in Reclaiming Masculinity and Equity in Higher Education

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

Intersectionality of race, gender crucial in college onboarding, impacting Black men’s identity. Manhood, leadership forms should be celebrated, informed by culture, appearance. Black male leader concept needs examination in college context. Societal conditioning affects college onboarding, role models crucial. Onboarding needs diverse manhood, leadership examples. Educators should challenge norms, reflect societal changes, differences, successes. Internal locus of control essential for Black men’s growth, accountability. College choice supports against negative environmental influences. Educators should embrace Black male contributions, prioritize personal growth over assimilation. Family support vital for Black men’s success. College onboarding program should enhance self-image, self-esteem. Educators should meet Black men where they are, propel them to success

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