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At College Music Major, we’ve established relationships with other educational consultants, from individuals to major firms, in need of assistance with college-bound musicians.

Collaborating with other professionals in our field is always fulfilling for us at College Music Major. As you know, being an independent educational consultant can be somewhat isolating, and working with other experts enriches our own work and provides us with memorable experiences. 

We typically serve as a subcontractor to handle the musical aspects of a student’s application, such as prescreening videos, artistic portfolios, and auditions. Additionally, our professional network allows to arrange expert evaluations with faculty at top music schools. Our intimate knowledge of these schools is also beneficial in building shortlists that need to consider music. That’s true for those who want to major in music as well as students interested in

  • dual majors and enrollments
  • music minors
  • continuing with music in college as an enrichment
  • using music as an application enhancement 

Sometimes, when an IEC is approached by a music student they can’t help, they’ll recommend College Music Major. We are also happy to receive such referrals on a commission basis.

The next time you’re approached by a music student who needs assistance, we hope you’ll consider collaborating with College Music Major or recommend us to them.

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