Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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FAFSA Fallout on Capitol Hill


Botched FAFSA launch disrupts college admissions, scrutinized on Capitol Hill. House higher education subcommittee examines impact on students, families, institutions. Republicans frustrated with Biden administration’s handling of FAFSA. Education Department’s poor communication, negligence, incompetence wreak havoc on university system, leaving students in limbo. FAFSA overhaul could drive prospective students away. FAFSA completions down 40%. New financial aid system expands Pell Grant eligibility. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona faces criticism. Witnesses grade FAFSA launch poorly. Concerns over future FAFSA launch. Bipartisan frustration with FAFSA rollout. Republicans seek accountability, Democrats focus on student aid access. Witnesses criticize department’s handling of FAFSA launch. Education Department

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