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Innocence Denied: Elementary Black Boys Under Surveillance and Inequitably Disciplined (Again)

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

Black boys, like 5-year-old Kazaam, face disproportionate discipline in schools due to misunderstanding of their learning styles and racial biases. A 2024 report highlights the over-disciplining of Black students, especially boys, with data from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) showing stark differences in suspensions between Black boys and other student groups. Black boys were suspended and expelled at rates three times their school enrollment. The report also found that Black girls were the only group across all races/ethnicities who disproportionately received suspensions and expulsions. Recommendations to address these disparities include screening teacher applicants for racial biases, anti-bias and anti-deficit training, and cultural competence training. The authors call for administrators to stop the inequitable

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