Thursday, May 30, 2024

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New Analysis Finds Race-Conscious Admissions Didn’t Close Equity Gaps

Georgetown University’s CEW report reveals marginal diversity gains at selective U.S. colleges despite race-conscious admissions, with persistent equity gaps. Underrepresented students continue to disproportionately enroll at open-access institutions. Selective colleges, serving as launchpads to influential positions, remain segregated by race/ethnicity and class. The report urges selective institutions to overhaul admission policies for equitable enrollment. It highlights that Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, and American Indian/Alaska Native students composed 37% of the college-aged population but only 21% of selective college enrollments in 2019. The report also found socioeconomic disparities, with declining enrollments of Pell Grant recipients. Graduation rates at selective colleges are double those at open-access institutions.

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